Apartment Living Almost Gone

Filed Under ( , ) by Joe Somebody on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Working on getting the apartment whipped back into shape. It really wont take much as I was a good tenant. Its still more work that I thought it was going to be. Need to scrub down pretty much everything, vacuum the floors, clean the bathrooms, and anything else that might look dirty. If they ding me for the leak in the ceiling and it ruining the floor I will be pissed. They have known about the leak for over a month and have chosen to do nothing about it since I was moving out. I have had a bucket catching the water while I was there but after leaving it has had nothing to catch it.

Of course once I have the old apartment clean, I have to do the same with the house. Ive already positioned boxes and put some items away so I can do the bedroom and living room first. Never cleaned hardwood floors before. It should be interesting.

Ive already decided that the extra bed room in the basement is going to be a storage room. Mostly filled with boxes at the moment. This came in real handy when I had empty boxes everywhere. Now I have a place to break them down and be put away.

Still have not purchased a refrigerator. Time is ticking. It will be Wednesday before I am back out to purchase one. No matter what I NEED to get it purchased. I have a fridge full of food that needs to be transferred to the house or it will spoil or get thrown out. I don't like to waste  money and this would be a huge set back.

I plan on putting off the purchase of the washer and dryer for one week. Just because I have so much going on. I will go to a laundry mat to get my clothes washed. Some people really don't like them but they don't bother me. I can do any amount of laundry in two hours. No matter how many loads I have to do. I bet none of you with a single washer and dryer can say that. 


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  1. I;m looking for a new apasrtment too. It's a bit of work but there is no place like home :)

  2. Actually, I didn't mind the laundromat; in fact I still use it for bigger items or if I need something bulky dried fast in their industrial machines.

    I hated getting apartments ready for inspection to get the deposit back.

    Try not to let those boxes pile up in the spare room!

  3. ugh had the same problem with a fridge awhile ago

  4. Moving out of apartments is tough, I do every couple of years. I had this one pair of roommates who were a mess and pretty much I was the only one who cleaned. They tried to stick me with the additional cleaning cost, but I was already out of money from paying for my new place. I dodged that one, the jerks, haha.

  5. are you living with anyone?

  6. Have fun cleaning and fridge hunting :) I hope they don't complain about the leak but if they've known about it then they can't really say anything about it.

  7. Get pumpeddd, sounds like an exciting experience

  8. It's crazy to see it once there's nothing left in it. I have trouble not imagining where the furniture was.

  9. nice , mmmm full fridge ,tha's what i like most ^^

  10. If you have holes in the walls from tacks or nails, you can push a little bit of toothpaste into them. They'll be invisible after that.

  11. Good luck with your apartment, dude.

  12. good luck with the move

  13. but sharing a washer is pretty gross, you never know who used it right before you!

  14. Good luck on getting everything you need.

  15. I hate cleaning apartments, it's amazing how dirty things get for no reason.

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