Moving out of the Vault

Filed Under ( , , , ) by Joe Somebody on Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today is moving day. It reminds me of the character from Fallout. He is finally venturing out into the Wasteland (fallout fan here). In my case, im going into home ownership and all the responsibilities that it brings.

Looks like all but one person will make it this morning. Not to shabby I think. Three guys can get this done. Its only a two bedroom apartment with very little furniture and the drive is not that far at all.

To give you an idea of what I have to move.

Big items:
Queen Bed
King Bed
King Bed Rails
Chester Drawers
Coffee Table
Dining Room Table
Dining Room Chairs
One Area Rug
Home Theater Subs (Pictures soon)

Getting rid of:
Couch (Possibly)
Computer Desk

And of course plenty of boxes. I was able to get everything packed Friday night. I want today to go as smooth and painless as possible. The pain being the two flights of stairs from my apartment.

So as you can see. I really don't own that much stuff. If we get done in three hours, that would be awesome. The only way that would not happens is if we hit the beer a little to hard. With this crowd I wouldn't be surprised either. Good news is that I will have a box truck with a lift gate for two 30 packs. That's a deal that would be pretty hard to beat.

I think once we get everything moved. I'll order some pizza for everyone. That the least that I could do for helping me out. Pizza and Beer. I think that would make for a good afternoon. Plus my lender said it would be a good idea to make pizza my first meal in the home. She said it would be the best pizza I ever eat, since I will be eating it in my own home. I think she will be right. I'll even splurge and get some from the local pizza shop that is awesome.

I'll spend most of the night unpacking. Hopefully no one plans to have a party at my house. My friend had the idea of throwing one to break in the neighbors, Not the house. That thought scared me. Don't want to piss off the neighbors to soon. Im already worried that my home theater will be to loud (slowly building an IMAX audio experience). I'll do something after I finish painting. That's all I really want to do right away with the house.

Hopefully Sunday I can just relax and enjoy the day. I will need to go out and pick out a fridge. Ugh. I hate spending money. It was hard enough handing over the down payment Thursday.


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  1. My Dad still calls me out to lift slabs with him, he just refuses to pay anyone to lift the things he works with, so he gets my young back to help him out haha, hope it does not kill me in the end.

  2. Nice blog!

  3. good luck with picking your fridge. try and get an energy efficient one for cheaper bills

  4. Welcome to the new world! Congrats!

  5. Holy shit man, I honestly hate moving.

  6. Haha, sounds like a good time. New place, friends friends and food. What could be better?

  7. I hope the move goes well :) Beer and pizza sounds like an awesome first meal!

  8. I hate moving! but its nice when its done.

  9. You don't own that much stuff? What is your comparison there? :D

    Pizza and Beer are the standard payment for any friend that helps you move. Personally, I agree with your friend to "break in the neighbors."
    I don't mean IMAxing them out the neighborhood, but even giving them a reason to come over (Turn it down!) is a good way to get to know them and look supplicant. (Sorry man! Want a beer while I turn it down?)

  10. Awesome man, enjoy your pizza! Also Fallout NV is my favorite of the series, iron sights and a zoomable map sold me to it.

  11. Hahaha have fun, I hate having to waste the entire day moving furniture. And it's gonna be a couple of days of unpacking too.

    I have boxes under the stairs that never reached the unpacking stage.

    Best of luck to ya though, I hope you find your new home comfortable.

  12. I hope that the move went well and smooth. And congrats and good luck in your new home!

  13. wow, so much stuff you have to move. good luck with that :D

  14. always a hassle to get rid of things or know what to take with you

  15. ive only moved once and i was really young so all i really had to move myself where my toys and things like that, but nowdays i always end up helping people move everynow and then

  16. That's why I'm glad I have roommates. I had tons of stuff that needed to be moved into the new apartment.

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