Whats a good brand of fridge?

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I have spent a long time looking at appliances. My first thought was to buy all new appliances. Get it all done in one fell swoop. I quickly decided that this would be a bad move. I would lose most of my savings doing this and probably charge of a credit card or two. Dave Ramsey would not be happy. This time I will listen to him.

I plan to only buy a refrigerator, washer, and dryer. I will pay cash for the washer and dryer and charge the fridge on a zero interest card or take advantage a zero interest promotion that the store is putting on. I will just make sure that I pay it off before the interest kicks in. I call this free money. Just dont miss a payment or make one late. They make you pay all of the back interest.

The refrigerator will be a stainless french door. Either a GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, or LG. Im leaning towards GE and Maytag.

I do have one issue with Maytag. Ive been told that they have changed over the past couple years. Apparently they have closed down a lot of US factories and have moved overseas. So the quality may have gone down.

I like the looks of most of the GE refrigerators. They are a little more expensive but I think its worth it. The model is GFSS6KEXSS. The reviews have been really good. Plus it has 25 cu. ft. of space. A nice size fridge in my book.

The Maytag model that I am looking at is MFD2562VEM. I could not find any reviews on it but most of my friends have said that Maytag is a good brand.

I have not settled on any LG or Whirlpool models. I am still looking. As of yet I still have not made a definate choice on what model I want to purchase.


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  1. I would go for LG.

  2. In my experience, anything by GE is a really good buy.

  3. have a stacked lg washer and dryer they are great, cant help you on the fridge though

  4. My vote is on GE

  5. Man I'm not looking forward to the day I start making decisions about stuff like this...cause I don't even think about it right now.

  6. Try this: http://www.dontevenreply.com/view.php?post=50

  7. I like the new blog design. Stay frugal and practice good spending techniques. I'm getting so much out of this by just watching your journey. I never think of all the nitty gritty that goes into home ownership.

  8. Keep the interesting stuff coming. I'll be moving out within a few months, and this stuff really is interesting to me. Some good info for a guy about to head off on his own. Thank you very much!

  9. stainless fridge? Requires lot of maintenance and GE is totally powder coated not exactly stainlessteel and no way to remove scratches.
    i once had to pay around 200 when I moved out of my apartment because of scratches on the door.

  10. I prefer LG or GE myself. Also love the new blog design!

  11. Man, reading your posts makes me realise how not ready I am to move out. At least, when it comes to dealing with stuff like that. Good luck to your endeavors, man.

  12. You'd probably be better off with a washer/dryer combo, they cost a little more but save a lot of space. What are you going to do for an oven?

  13. GE defenitly

  14. I had a whirplool that lived for ages. they're good

  15. I vote GE or Whirlpool.

  16. I have to rent as of now, because i am a college student, i cannot wait to own my own place and be able to have freedoms to fix up my place without having to move out later on

  17. GE is great in my opinion.

  18. LG or Whirlpool I'd say

  19. Yeah, GE or Whirlpool. Can't go wrong with those two brands.

  20. If you go maytag, get the extended warranty. Any other brand, you're probably not going to need it.

  21. Don't skimp on the fridge! You'll regret it later. And stainless can get scratchy, but one of the things I looked for in a fridge (after size and energy consumption) was how easy it would be to clean regularly.
    Most of today's fridges are compartmentalized and have easily-removed storage areas, but it is something you might want to keep in the back of your mind.

    I have no clue about the brand names themselves, other than they are exactly that: Brand Names. Stick with them.

  22. I used to have an LG fridge, but it broke. I'd recommend a Whirlpool.

  23. I've heard Kenmore is awesome. Good feedback on them. GE is good too.

  24. whirlpool?~


  25. I have an LG I believe.

    I don't really know what brands of fridges are good though. Not my specialty. >___>

  26. Pretty much anything GE is good

  27. make sure you get something that has a good/ easy repair program. not some foreign low cost brand that when fails is irreparable.

  28. dont buy samsung fridges!! go for LG in my opinion!

  29. I had a GE fridge for a very long time but it broke down about 3 years ago and I replaced it with a whirlpool

    I say both are good picks

  30. Being in college, I've never had a fridge that was over 3 feet tall. Good luck man.

  31. It depends how much space you need for your food :)

  32. oh wow, i have the very first fridge you mentioned :3

  33. I'd go for GE or Whirlpool

  34. I have a Whirlpool and had no problems with it. It already serv me good for 3 years.

  35. LG is very good they are ceap and have a good quality

  36. whirlpool for the win!

  37. For the longest time I have wanted mini fridge in my room, decked inside with Coca Cola. Im sure one of my PCs could keep it cool though!

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