Everyone cant be trusted

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I thought it might be a good idea to give some back story.

I have been house hunting for the past 4 months. My price range has always been 60-90k USD. I was approved for 185k. I chose the lower amount so I would not be house poor (own a house but all your money goes toward it, no money for anything else). As you know, this isn't going to buy you much. This alone made finding a house a real challenge. Almost every home home that I looked at was either to small or in a really bad area. So this is what pushed me to look at foreclosures and HUD properties. All move in ready properties were out of my budget. I also wanted instant equity in the house. So going with a bank owned property seemed like the only smart thing to do.

I was not having much luck with the houses that my Realtor was finding. I took it on my own to do my own research. Turns out my realtor was missing a lot of properties. I would venture to say the houses he was showing me were not in my best of interest. They were more in his. This lead me to find a new realtor.

After doing some asking around, a very good friend of mines father recommended me one. He was in the mortgage industry for 20 years, so I trusted him. This was by far one of the best decisions I made. Having someone that I could consult and trust made me feel a lot better.

Now the first Realtor sent me about 6 houses to check out. I chose 2 of those to go look at. Now comes the new realtor. I had over 30 houses to sort through. I was blown away. We still had not discussed in detail what I was looking for so I was able to narrow the search pretty fast. We were setup to look at 10 houses that weekend. I was actually excited. Most of these houses were foreclosures and HUD properties. My requirements were simple (1200+SQF. 2BR, 2BTH, 1 Car Garage).

After our first outing. I realized that any foreclosure that I choose will need some moderate work to be done. I find it amazing how people will just trash there house. I don't know if they lived like this or if they trashed it once they knew they were going to loose their home to the bank. Either way its sad. Ive walked up to some amazing homes, only to go inside and see that everything was ripped a part. You can tell when something is blatant and not age or an accident.


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  1. Ugh, some people can be real assholes. Whats the point of trashing the house? What do they expect to gain?

  2. i've heard a few stories about people trashing their apartment before vacating or abandoning it

    the landlord came into one guys place to evict him, found a few dead animals and animal feces all over the place. Cost around 10 grand to clean the place up

  3. Wow thats a shame :/ vandals are awful people.

  4. sucks man :(

  5. Your insight was really good in this post. I am very excited to hear more in the future. Good luck!

  6. Wow.

  7. Homeowners

  8. House hunting sucks! Either the price is too high or someone else gets in their first.

  9. That sucks. Hopefully you'll find a good house soon.

  10. You sound really busy. People have no respect and make life harder for the rest of us.

  11. I have found one. I close next week on it. Just giving everyone some back reference.

  12. You blog could be very useful to future homeowners

  13. Wish you luck!

  14. houses.. they suck... not like dogs... sorry, thats just a side note

  15. A lot of people go on drugs and things like that and gut up their homes. I'm glad you are settling for what you can afford. Own a home, keep it in good condition, and you'll have a sound investment.

  16. I feel your pain. On the plus side, buying foreclosed/HUD houses might be a pain as far as clean-up is concerned (or repairs) but it will make the house feel that much more "yours" when the work is done.

  17. vandals really are trouble..

  18. You can't trust anyone but yourself in this world.

  19. Sucks that there's so many foreclosed houses sittying empty and so many homeless people.

  20. HUD and section 8 are the worst. They hate productive members of society and feel like they are entitled.

  21. thats real bad :/

  22. Some people are just wrong. People that would destroy something just because it is soon going to be somebody elses and they don't want anyone else to have it.

  23. I feel for you. Some people behave like stupid children.

  24. I hate people who do that. Trash stuff just cuz they cant have it. My car keeps having this done to it by the people in my neighbourhood.

  25. say no to home abuse =P good luck with finding what you want

  26. This is huge. I never thought about how an expensive house can end up costing you more on the back end as well.

  27. Sad but true

  28. Yeah, you can't trust people now a days, the world has ended unfortunately!

  29. truth is hard to find...

  30. its a little bit said but you are very talented continue with the work

  31. I've been looking for a house lately, too. To rent, though. Still, I'm in an area where everything is taken up unless I want to spend a crap load. Sucks.

  32. wow...i feel bad for you, man :\

  33. I'm glad you found a home. It's really cool to see that your price range is 60 - 90k.

    Here you'd be lucky to find a 300k house.

  34. Man the idea of home owning is an awesome and extremely scary thought.

  35. You'll get it eventually

  36. Yes, I close on it next week.

  37. damn that sucks, how people do that I just dont know.

  38. that sucks man. hopefully things go better

  39. Be carefull man , scammers are all over the world .

  40. Doesnt sound like a good thing

  41. very interesting situation,,, what kinda down payment are you looking to do

  42. ehh it sucks ;/

  43. Bad times, better luck for any future investments.

  44. Yeah the house we're in now was our first original choice, but, we did go and look at quite a few others to just compare. One was totally trashed...the wood floor needed to be refinished and the colors were hideous...The one we're in now, sure it needs fixing..but it wasn't trashed, it was decently maintained. The key is a good realator. ours was awesome.

  45. Sorry man. I know all to well that people can't be trusted. I think after something like this happens its hard to regain the confidence to try again.

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