Making a home yours

Filed Under ( , ) by Joe Somebody on Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sounds easy but it is not. I just moved in and I'm already having to buy stuff. Blinds (Both verticle and horizantal), Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Mop, Broom, vacuum, and crap I dont even know about yet. I know these are all one time purchases but it still adds up.

All these things will make it feel more me. It will be my expression in visual form. Hopefully it looks good. I still plan on taking some before photos. That way I can get them up here to everyone can see them. Im waiting for my cable internet to get fixed again. Its not working. Not very pleased about that.

One thing that I struggle with when it comes to buying things is that I want to make sure that I am buying the best. I want to know it will last me. I dont want to see something die over the next couple years when Im doing my renovating. This is also the reason why I am getting extended warranty on a couple items. Namely the fridge, washer, and dryer. Those are my only real big expenses. The other big expense has been the blinds. Two inch blinds are not cheap. Blew me away when I went to home depot to look at them. Cheapest one was $32.00 USD and of Course I needed the $38.00 USD and above. I went with the white ones. I want my place to have a bright interior and I felt the wood color would have been to much. Plus with wood floors. I think it would have been to much.

Tonight is the night that I am going to get a refrigerator. It looks like its going to be a GE unless something extrodenary happeneds. Honestly I will only buy it I feel its the right decision. I want to know I will be happy with it. Its the most expensive purchase I have planned in the next 12 months. I will either edit this post or make another post of what I decide on tonight.

I plan on going to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I'll bring my phone with me so I can search the local stores (Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes). Nebraska Furniture Mart will be any local stores price by 10%. Thats a win win for me.


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  1. Sounds pricey, shame you couldn't get a place a little closer to christmas with all the sales on.

  2. If you have an Android theres an App to compare!

  3. A house isn't a home until you 'break it in' and have sex in all the rooms. Go get crackin!!!

  4. It's super expensive and some people don't realize how hard it's to have a nice home.

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