My IMAX Home Theater

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I know most people think that I am crazy but I really enjoy my movies. I want that true theater experience. This has brought to building my own IMAX quality home theater. This is not cheap to do. Im only a fraction of the way through the process.

Im building a 7.2 IMAX surround. Right now the only part I have complete is the .2, which is the stero sub sonic frequencies. AKA sub-woofers. I have two custom built boxes. Each is 11+ cfs. Each one houses a CV 18" 4DVC Stroker. They are being powered by a QSC Powerlight 236 (3600w RMS). So my bass end is killer.

I only use pro grade equipment that I purchase off ebay. I get more DB for my money that way.
I am still working out what surrounds to use. Right now the system is just ran in stereo. I have a pair of Yamaha NS-10S's as my left and right. I need to switch these out soon before I damage them. They are very hard to replace parts. They are meant for my home studio.

One of these days I will get around to taking pictures of everything like I said I would in numerous other blog post. That way you will have a better sense of what I am doing.


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  1. I am so jealous!!! Get pictures =]

  2. Yes do take pictures, I'd definitely love to see your home theater. I'm pretty jelly right now, that seems awesome.

  3. Sounds awful pricey!

  4. veryyyyyy envious. soo much envy! lol

  5. Wow that sounds freakin awesome. Yes please do take some pictures I want to see this.

  6. That sounds sick... Nothing like IMAX quality honestly.

    And the sounds setup you've got going is ridiculous, have fun man.

  7. Haha, that makes a house a home.

  8. Ebay? I mean, whatever works, but I need WARRANTIES!
    Especially for high-grade home stereo stuff.
    But whatever works, yeah?

    Also, in your vote, you have no option for anyone that owns their home!

    We await your pictures.

  9. Nice, I'd love to see some pictures of your setup.

  10. :-)

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