A venture into the Wasteland

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In my mind, this is me traveling through a post apocalyptic world. Even though it has not happened yet.

I will be taking possession of my first house in the middle of February. It is a scary thought taking on so much  debt. Ive been a huge follower of Dave Ramsey and his show. I could easily thank him for providing me the knowledge to pay off my credit cards. If it wasnt for him, I would not be having this conversation.

Over the course of the next couple years I would like to document the process of being a first time home buyer. I have no idea what to expect. You will hear about all of my trials and tribulations. As well as any successes I have. You will learn the same things I learn. If I learn how to tile. You will learn how to tile. If I plan to buy something. I will become an expert in what I plan to purchase. You too will become one as well.

As the day, weeks, and months go on. Hopefully I can look back and enjoy my blood, sweat, and tears.

Here is a list of things I already plan on doing.

Purchase Appliances (Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer)
Tile Kitchen Floor
Install New Cabinets
Tile Bathroom Walls
Tile Bathroom Floors
Repair Damaged Walls
Paint Interior Walls
Install New Doors
Add Light Control Panel (Control lights via iPhone4)
Install Digital Door Locks
Install New Garage Door Opener

This is just some of the few things that I can think. I will be sure to get an extensive list put together as well as before photos. This way I will be able to look back at what I moved into and get even more joy of seeing what has become of my work.

Still working on getting all my stuff together. I dont own much, but it still takes forever to get packed. As of now I have a room dedicated to boxes and my bed. Still need to get the bathrooms and kitchen packed. Everything else can just go into a big miscellaneous box.

I dont think i'll have time to venture outside today. The weather is crap so I dont think I will be missing much.

I need to take sometime today and start making a list of refrigerators. I need to figure out what style, finish, size that I will need. Its the only real emergency item that I need to purchase for my new home. It is furnished with all of the other appliances, minus a washer and dryer. Those I can live without since I can go to the local mat to wash my clothes.

Im pretty sure I will go with a french door. I like the idea of having a full open top fridge. Plus I dont keep very many frozen items. Just chicken and maybe some steak or goat (Yes, goat). Google it. Its probably the best meat you can eat. Even better than chicken. Its just a tad expensive but still cheaper than some cuts of beef.

If you know of some model fridges that you like let me know.


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  1. im going to be one soon as well. its like a big step in life haha

  2. im not going to move out for a while haha at least 21

  3. lolol

  4. :-)

  5. We just bought our first home not too long ago. Man it was a trip. Still is. We still are still doing the beginning expenses of spot renos, replacing things, painting...but it's a labour of love.

  6. This is actually a really good idea for a blog. Will follow.

  7. Extremely excited to see a blog like this. I've always wondered what it's like when first buying a home. Definitely looking forward for future updates (don't be too scared, it will all work out).

  8. My parents bought a new home last summer. It was always their dream to own a home. They've done a few renovations and added things to it.

  9. Followed, etc.

  10. This is very nice man. :D

  11. Big step, buying your first home. i wont be taking it for a few more years. Good luck with everything!

  12. Nice idea for a blog, pictures of your progress would be very cool.

  13. Good article, sad that I am almost 95% sure I'll see the apocalyptic world or at least die from it.

  14. Good job, bro

  15. Mazel-tov on your new addition. Look forward to hearing more.

  16. nice read bro

  17. I'm moving out next year xD

  18. good luck

  19. I will be sure to follow this! I hope to buy my own home within the next ten years, so this will be handy. :)

  20. nothing like making a home yours

  21. Definately good to know. Home ownership is right around the corner for me.

  22. i have a goal set that i want to own a house by the time i'm 30, my main focus first is being able to manage my money well. if i can't do that i won't be able to keep a house and i'll just be further in debt.

  23. My wife and I just purchased a house this past year and its definitely been a growing experience for us both.

  24. im an avid canned food collector, starting today

  25. Manly men eat their yogurt from a burn notice retro frige.

  26. I still live with my parents, and will probably do for the next couple of years. GJ on moving out, man! I envy you. :>

  27. damn good luck did you get good loan terms?

  28. ! :)

  29. good luck man, i will follow you !

  30. nice idea , followed !

  31. haha great post
    keep it up


  32. Good luck with the move. Try to take it easy and find something to relieve stress during the process!

  33. very nice, hope you get all the stuff you want! :)

  34. Wish you luck, keep us up to date!

  35. Hmmm... Definitely going to follow this for future reference. I want to see any additions or changes to the house if it happens. I still rent, and I'd like to see some real homeowner issues.

  36. Hey, Congratulations, and good luck on your new home. It is definitely a lot of work, and risk. But also very rewarding.

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