Building Equity in my Home

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I had my Realtor come over. He doesn't like my fridge. He thinks its way to big for the size of the kitchen. I agree to an extent but I'm not going to leave the refrigerator to the next owners. They can have everything else.

We did go over some great ideas of what to do with the place. He wants me to keep my focus on the top floor. Dont do anything to the down stairs. No matter what I do it will always be a man cave and man caves do nothing for the resell value of a home. No walk out to boot. I agree with him. Ill just put my home theater down there.

We decided that the best idea for the kitchen is to take the dimensions and go to home depot. They will take the dimension and render my drawings of the designs that I come up with or they can do it for you. I think this will save a lot of time, plus I wont have to pay for custom cabinets. They will all be stock cabinets. And after removing one of my base cabinets. I don't it would be that hard to put new ones up myself. Few screws and your done. Oh and a nice level. That way things are square. All the appliances will be stainless to match the fridge.

We moved on to the living/dining room. Going to go with lighter paints. While the sun room connected to the dining room can go a couple shades darker since it has so much natural light. The trim will stay white. Going to replace the lighting in the dining room with a nice ceiling fan that has built in lighting. Since the room is so big and has vaulted ceilings, this will help with ventilation.

Then comes the bathrooms. The two bathrooms are connected by a bathtub. Its also know as a hollywood bath. Not sure who came up with that name. The guest part of the bathroom will be painted. A new faucet and vanity will be installed. Toilet will stay. Just clean it up and put a new seat on it. The master part of the bath will need a new mirror. New faucet and vanity also needed. Huge mirror to go across the vanity. Both will need tile and trim. Now the center part (the actual bath). This room is going to be converted to a giant shower room with two heads and seating area. I think this will be huge selling point. My Realtor thought the same thing. And this was my idea. I felt great about that.

Still trying to get some photos together. Just so you know I am talking about a real home and not a fictional one.


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  1. two bathrooms connected by a bathtub?
    freaking amazing! i want pics

  2. great blog

  3. nice blog!!

  4. Yeah when/iff we sell this house we will be Definitely ripping out the carpet and putting the Dove laminate floor throughout...and will def be redoing the windows because well they need to be done anyway..for us. But while we live here we're keeping the carpet. warm and cushy n fuzzy..

  5. Yes we sure need pictures to imagine this

  6. Wow. Your new home sounds really amazing. Can't wait for pictures.

  7. a real home? hahahahha :p. j/k, great posting!

  8. I would LOVE a man cave. So jealous! ;P

  9. awesome post, I'd love to see pics! haha

  10. I'd be interested to hear how much this'll all cost.

  11. I need pics!!!!

  12. Need pictures of the bathrooms. Does the bath go through the wall of something?

  13. Your shower has to be sick, when I get my place I'm going to have like 3 or 4 showerheads on the ceiling to relax on special occasions.

    I wouldn't use them all the time, I'd use a regular shower head for showering, but on an especially stressful day theres nothing like relaxing under a cascade of warm water.

  14. Sounds awesome. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  15. i have a certain picture of your house based on your posts in my head, i am curious to see if it syncs up with reality

  16. tough decisions to make. pics would be great

  17. sounds like you have some great ideas, when do i get to see photos?

  18. I agree with some of the comments, we need pictures!!!

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