Time Warner Cable is a Joke

Filed Under ( , , ) by Joe Somebody on Thursday, February 24, 2011

I really with I could go with someone else. The problem is that they have a good product and the price is not that bad as long as you stay within a contract with them. Month to Month, they are to expensive. Now you are thinking, "But you say all these good things about them." Its call customer service. They have let me down every time.

My current complaint with them is that they want to charge me to transfer my service. Its not much. $19.99 to move me. The cost does not matter to me. Its the fact that they do not need to do anything. I can plug the modem in myself. I know the house previously had Time Warner cable. If it never did then I could understand about them coming out.

They were first suppose to coming out on the day that I moved. Problem was that I called the day before. I specifically asked about them calling me before they head out. I was told that I would be called 30 minutes before they arrive. Saturday comes and they call me when they are waiting at my door. Problem is that I am still at my old apartment moving. They would only wait 10 minutes. They would not wait 15 minutes. I was furious at this point. I asked to register a complaint. They transferred me to customer service. They were not help. They didnt even care about what happened. They just told me that the other person must have told me wrong. The kicker was that they didnt even register me as calling. So they didnt even believe me. I asked for a fax number so I could send them my call history. They shut up a little bit about that but still pressed that I was told wrong.

I then asked to speak with the cancelation department. Now Im finally presented with a person that cares that I am a customer. They are actually trying to fix the problem and make me happy. I told them all I want is my service transferred and for it to not cost me anything. They said they would waive the transfer fee. I said fine. Book me an appointment.

Appointment was made for monday. It came and went and it was installed. Now it stops working tuesday night. They cant get out to see me until friday after 5. I'm livid. Now I am trying to get discounted those days of service. Still have not found that resolution but I will not give up.


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  1. Yeah, you are better off using a FTA box.

  2. I love my cable provider here. Eastlink. They are pretty awesome and fix things and give us credit asap for their fuckups. I hope you can find a company like that.

  3. still cheaper than here, and here the service is really crappy too...

  4. Good luck with the discount. My broadband didn't work at ll for 3 months once despite being "fixed" repeatedly. Whenit did get fixed thei first offer of comensation was month free despite me paying for 3 months of nothing. The second I asked to cancel it I got 4 months free :)

  5. Every ISP I have ever dealt with were bastards, theres nothing really you can do about it, they hate their jobs and they hate you.

  6. Ugh, cable, I am so glad we switched to DirecTV. Probably costs a little more, but totally worth it.

  7. every cable, every phone and internet service is total bullshit. I have never had a good company that either sucked service-wise or tried to wring every cent they could out of you or both.

    I cant wait until Google introduces fiber to more places. I love their other services and they are the only people I would trust to not try to screw me out of money.

    hell, I don't even mind free labor they trade for the services (like Voice - they are perfecting speech-to-text via our use).

  8. It's always like that, they treat customers like crap and if you are not a customer they offer you better deals.

  9. I'm with all of you all on how bad Time Warner's customer service is. I had them for a few years and they overcharged me almost every month. I'm now both a customer and employee of DISH Network and I have to say my experience has been phenomenal. DISH Network currently is rated #1 in customer satisfaction amongst all cable and satellite TV providers, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. I highly suggest checking DISH out at dish.com/200HD, you won't regret it.

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