Long weekend with great plans ahead

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I got to spend the entire weekend in my new home. It was very cereale. Everything I looked at or touched was mine. I no longer had to worry about someone else saying I cant do something (at least with the inside of the house, HOA controls some aspects of the outside). Overall I was very happy.

Most of my stuff is still in boxes. Most of it will stay that way until I finish painting. I will be setting up time with my realtor to go over ideas for the house. That way I don't make any mistakes that could hurt the resale of the house. I know one thing he is really going to try and talk me out of, that's the removal of the popcorn ceiling. I hate it. I want to scrape it down. I know its a personal thing and I know it wont bring any more value to the house. I just hate looking at it.

Another item I think he is going to shoot down is changing all the wall outlets to the GFCI and using new oil rubbed bronze face plates. Including all wall plates (light switch, ect) with the same kind. I think that would give a very nice finished look to the walls after painting everything. If I do all that then ill replace the door handles and bathroom fixers with matching finishes. I think it would be a good selling point. But I don't know.

I know he really wants me to renovate the kitchen and I agree entirely. That project will have to wait though. My first bid for it came in around 12k. I think ill end up doing it myself. Do it in sections. I also plan to get a home equity line of credit. A HELOC is basically a credit card that is equal to a percentage of the equity in your home. Since I bought a foreclosure, I have about 30k in instant equity. So I will have a good limit to work with. You also get a fixed rate with them. Low 5-6%. Beats a 22% APR any day of the week.

I manage to pay off all my credit cards before I purchased my home. Dave Ramsey showed me the way. Double up on the smallest and when that one is paid off, take what you were paying on it and apply it to another one. Keep compounding until everything is payed off. Im currently working on my car and student loan. I was hoping to get my car paid off before I found a house. But I know I got a good deal and it will be worth it in the long run.


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  1. You do what you want with your house :) If you don't like the way something looks change it :) If it's going to affect the value of the house then you can always change it back in a couple of years when you want to sell it :)
    I can't believe you managed to pay off your credit cards! I've only got one and it's hard enough to pay off lol.

  2. Good luck man! What color are you going to paint the walls?

  3. mmm I want my own home too^^ also good luck with all works!

  4. Glad your enjoying it, I know how much of a bitch paying of credit cards can be so fair play.

  5. lol must be awesome to own your own home, lucky bastard

  6. renovating the kitchen yourself could be tricky, you should at least advise some expert so you won't mess things up...

  7. That's what I like to hear! Stay disciplined and you can live debt free.

  8. It is such an awesome feeling isn't it? My husband was in total shock when we closed. He was so happy he could finally do what HE wanted to the house, and not have to deal with landlords. He managed to wire the whole house for internet, and put the home theater speaker wires through the ceiling using banana plugs and panels.

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