Transferring utilities and starting new ones

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When I first moved out and into my first apartment. I had a lot to learn but utilities wasn't one of them. All of my utilities was included in my rent. It was pretty awesome to only have to worry about one bill every month. Not to long after that I started renting a home. It included utilities and internet to boot. It wasn't until I moved back to an apartment that I finally had to spend money on a utility. It was electricity.

My first couple bills were over $120 USD. That caught me off guard. Some error must have occurred in accounting. Sadly no. I quickly learned to buy efficient bulbs and how to turn off lights and electronics. They did offer me what they call average billing. Doing research into that show that its a total rip off. DON'T do it. You will pay more for your electric.

Now on ward to today. I had to call Gas and Water to start new utilities with them. Electricity just needed a form filled out with the Date of the move. By far the easiest of the three.

After calling up the Gas company. I was floored on how rude the person was to me. It was like I was inconveniencing him. Plus they wanted to charge me a deposit unless I could provide a reference or do auto draft of my bill. I chose the auto draft because I didn't want to deal with getting a reference from someone. I have a feeling I will not like the gas company. If need be the only thing in the house that uses gas is the water heater. I'll go electric even if it cost more.

Now comes the Water company...

What a gem! They were so awesome to deal with over the phone. I even mentioned how displeased I was with the Gas company. I gave her several compliments. If you treat people right, good things will happen.

I also took the time to get my Internet transferred to the new address. They are charging me a transfer fee. I think that is a bunch of bull. I don't even need someone to come out. I can do it myself. They said they have to do something. Im going to watch this guy and see what he does. If he doesn't do anything, Im calling to complain.

Also updated the address on my Netflix. That was by far the easiest. I didn't have to talk to anybody.

There we go. I now have three utilities transferred or started in my name. Owning a house just got that more expensive. Im sure I will have more month bills soon enough.


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  1. You should've talked to the gas girl's supervisor, they're generally nicer and give you discounts if you're pissed enough.

    Man it's so exciting reading your blog, it's almost like I bought my own house, only I didn't pay anything!


  2. Utilities are evil! And I hate people who are rude to you on the phone, customer service is important! Hope the new home is good :)

  3. Oh god the absolute horror of the utility bastards. Glad to hear everything is going well otherwise.

  4. Fucking gas companies !

  5. It's amazing how much the little things matter. I just got a space heater for my apartment, and it cut my gas bill down around 25%

  6. Its so expensive to own nowadays i cant ever see myself doing it ...

  7. dang that sucks dude, good luck paying them all

  8. all utilities included in rent? not sure what to think about that one..

  9. here's to hoping none of them rip you off, even if they're nice on the phone one can never know..

  10. ah the issues with dealing with utilities...

  11. Great to hear everything worked out. How fast internet did you get?

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