Before Photos of my Dining Room

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Finally some pictures are going to get posted.  It came to be last minute. Other wise I would of had some pictures with all the wall paper still up. These will still make a good before and after down the road. My lender Stonegate Mortgage wanted me to keep track of my renovations as well. I think she just wants to use what I did as a sales pitch for other future home owners. My Realtor thinks the same thing.

This is the west wall of the Dining Room. I decided that I did not like the wall paper. It made the dining room feel more dated. I think a nice coat of primer and paint will go a long way. I will be replacing that light with a nice ceiling fan with built in lights. Being a larger room, that will help with the air flow.
 Here is the sliding glass door against the South wall. Other than the tracks needed to be clean, its a great door. I did purchase some vertical blinds for it. As you can see it gets very bright.
This is the North wall. It looks like thought about painting it before they put up the wall paper. I think they made a poor choice. Both in that paint they were thinking about and the wall paper that they chose. Of course someone may think that about me when I choose the colors for the house.
 Just thought I would take a picture of the ceiling to give you guys and gals an idea of the height of the room. This is why I really want to get a fan in here. Push that warm air back down. Considering its snowy out side, you can understand why I want it. I do plan to paint the ceiling. Most likely a shade of white.
Finally got all the wall paper off. As you can see, its not that great. At least I don't think so. Someone may think this is absolutely beautiful. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Luckily they all came down in single strips without tearing or even applying water to the walls to loosen up the glue. Made clean up easy.
 The floors are really nice in here. I will spend a lot of time just trying not to scratch them. I do have a large area rug that I will lay down to help. Just need to get an under mat for it so it doesn't scratch the floor if it slides.
Here is the South opening to the Sun Room and fireplace. Not much will change with it. Just a new coat of paint. The exposure is really making that room a lot brighter than it really is at the moment. It still nice to have so much natural light coming in.
This is the easy wall of the Dining room. Not a fan of the shade of burgundy they chose. It just makes the room feel so much smaller. I will go with a much lighter paint. Make the room feel bigger and more open. Dark paint makes it feel like you are hiding things.

I will try and do much better with documenting everything with photos. This way not only Stonegate but I will also have an easier time referencing what I am talking about.

UPDATE: I have not painted anything. These colors are original from when I moved in.


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  1. That room really was a mess, now its very nice

  2. Nice picture, your place looks nice.

  3. I love decorating.

  4. reading along, i was nodding my head the whole way, get rid of the wallpaper, floors look great, I don't hate the burgundy but yeah the only place I've ever liked a super dark paint is in an entertainment room behind the TV, makes it feel like the TV is floating =)

  5. mmm good job man ^^

  6. Lots of stuff for you to do! You're going to be busy. And be very careful with the floor. It's quite easy to scratch them!

  7. Very nice. It's looking good, and coming along nicely.

  8. I can't wait to see the finished product. Y

    our lender might want the pictures to make sure you're using the money for renovations, or as evidence in case there's any complications with you, but don't take my word for it I don't have a lot of experience with lenders.

  9. nice color!

  10. Looks really good now.

  11. The red you've chosen is sooo sexy! nice choice!

  12. cant wait to see this done!

  13. Your house is nice! I really love the way the north wall doesn't reach all the way to the ceiling, allowing you to have different rooms but easy communication across the house. Good luck with your redesigning plans.

  14. I have not painted. This is the original paint. Not all walls had wallpaper.

  15. great floor, looks like you are building your own small castle :)

  16. that room looks really good!!

  17. How come the wall does not reach the ceiling?

  18. I absolutely LOVE that color! I'm thinking I might put that in my home theater room (but in a matte not a gloss)

  19. I love this little peek into the renovation of your new home, it's great! =]

  20. It's looking sharp. I love how much depth an accent wall ads.

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