Deciding on the Fridge

Filed Under ( , , , ) by Joe Somebody on Friday, February 25, 2011

I went out last night to purchase a fridge. I am so glad I didnt. I can home and measured the two entrances to my kitchen. Both have a width of 31". Im really contemplating tearing down one section of the wall so I can fit the refrigerator that I want. I plan on take the wall down anyway. Just wasnt planning on doing it so soon.
My one worry is that if the wall goes down. Then I must do some additional work right away. Notably the floor. I either have to tile or cover it with something. I just dont want to do something stupid.

At the same time I can save myself all the frustration just by buying a small fridge. Then I just have to hope it has enough room on the inside.

After looking over the counter space. It doesnt look like it will take much to remove the counter. This will give me the clearance I need to install the fridge I want. Plus this fridge with doors off will come in at 29 3/4" inch. This will allow me to get through my kitchen doors.

Oh and I am choosing Samsung. They are going to give me over $625 off the fridge. I am going to get RF266AERS. Its stainless steel and has every feature that I wanted. I think its a good purchase.


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  1. hm my fridge is 10 years old, i guess i need a new one aswell

  2. Heh, $625 for a fridge! Damn, hope it's the right one for you anyway :)

  3. tough call, but small fridges suuuuuuck

  4. That's a nice deal.

  5. interesting story. I can relate.

  6. Sounds like a pretty serious refrigerator. Hope it does its job!

  7. I had problems similar to this with buying a cooker when i moved into a flat.. Not only was the space for the cooker smaller than most cookers, but it also wasn't even square!

  8. Can relate too.
    The RF266AERS seems very interesting

  9. Ahh Samsung is a good make! I'm certainly a repeat purchaser from these guys!

  10. my fridge is top of the line 1970s model something I don't recall. staying classy.

  11. a fridge is a fridge, just as long as it works :D

  12. Good thing you double checked the dimensions.
    Didn't even know Samsung made refrigerators.

  13. There are a lot of sites where you can pick up stuff for free. You should try it. :D

  14. Great choice man :)

  15. Sounds like a good deal. Good luck if you decide to tear that wall out.

  16. Top notch choice!

  17. If you have a garage or something you could just put the fridge in your garage for a month. It would be a bit inconvenient however it does let you delay tearing down part of the wall.

  18. A nice fridge and a good mattress. Two expenses you can't afford to be cheap on IMO. Nothing more exhausting than having to replace 3 fridges in 5 years because eventually the freezer stops freezing and just leaks water into the fridge...

    Also careful on tearing the wall, you never know what kind of structural damage you'll do.

  19. Neat choice man, great post.

  20. i use to have a large amanca or something like taht. but now ive moved into a tiny apartment so i onyl have a bar fridge now. i say rip down the walls and make a cold room instead. an ice vodka bar.

  21. Frggin expensive, these fridges

  22. nice everyone loves the one on the right!

  23. Wish I could afford a new fridge lol.

  24. Don't rush into anything like this, sounds like you know what you're getting yourself in for but take your time and you'll be sweet. Followed

  25. Ugh. When I picked my fridge it took months of research hahaha

  26. I have three fridges in my house. I'm convinced they're from the devil. Shit.

    followed, btw!

  27. If you're gonna fill that with beer I can only tell you... It will be worth every penny dude

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