Buying stock into a company

by Joe Somebody on Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ive been really contemplating buying stock in Homedepot and Lowes. These people are making a killing off me. It feels like I spend a couple hundred every weekend at one of these stores. I can only presume that hundreds if not thousands of other people are doing the same thing. It only makes sense that I should buy stock into these companies. Maybe this is another way I could profit off this house.

On another note. I have a good friend coming over that is in the heating and cooling industry. I have a concern with the heater and air conditioning. When ever the heater comes on, it sounds like the condenser unit outside is kicking in. I'm pretty sure I don't have a heat pump. So the condenser unit shouldn't be turning on. I've tried running out when I hear it. Both times I went out it was not running. Makes me think its coming from somewhere else. This worries me even more. It could be an even bigger problem or it could be nothing at all. Hopefully my friend will be able to determine that for me.

Fingers are crossed that this will be painting week. This is the kick in the ass I need to really start taking on these projects on the house. It will make it feel more mine.


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  1. Not a bad idea.
    If they're getting a lot of your money, maybe it will help you get some of it back.

  2. Good Idea to actually get some of your money back.

  3. makes good sense to buy stock from a successful company. :)

  4. So true about the buying stocks feeling.
    Also, weird noises, not good!!

  5. good luck with painting

  6. You should look up the model on the internet chances are someone else has had the same problem as you.

  7. What a funny idea. So you're sort of getting your money back

  8. It's nice to invest in bigger companies, but I think you should believe in yourself more and invest in yourself aka open up a store!

  9. It's a good thing you're adressing the issue but I agree that it's probably nothing. Also, buying stocks from construction companies *MIGHT* be a good idea since they're going to be doing a lot of constructions in the coming weeks. (Japan, economic recovery.)

    Again I said might since it could easily go both ways, so don't take my advice it's just an uneducated guess.

  10. I think you've made a big enough investment for one yea, don't you think?

    Painting was always terrible for me. I had to paint my whole house when I was a kid!

  11. It would probably be worth it. I bet they make lots of money.

  12. Could be worth buying stock in AAPL. [Apple] Bet there's gold in dem der hills!

  13. Ideally, everyone would buy stock from the companies they purchase the most from, and get the best service from. After the great service I got this morning, I'm tempted to invest in T-Mobile.

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