Huge savings on dishwasher

by Joe Somebody on Monday, March 21, 2011

Looks like A.B. May is coming through for me. They are giving me a $90 USD credit (cost of the part) to go towards any appliance purchase. This is awesome. Combine that with the $100 USD gift card and this washer is going to cost me $208 USD. It would have been less if I could have gottent the entire $158 USD credit but they would not include the labor since I was buying from else where. Either way I am happy.

Im actually thinking about getting a GE model. Its about $100 USD more but it matches my fridge handle much better. This will give the kitchen a more unified feel. This will end up being an in the moment purchase. Im trying to keep expenditures down. The more I spend the less I make when I go to sell the house. At the same time. What is $100 USD when it could mean a quicker sell of the house? This is just one of the questions that I fight with myself on.


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  1. nice.

  2. Lucky you, go get it now that you can get it cheap!

  3. Awesome job Joe the Plumber ;-)

  4. Yes, but you can certainly (almost) double your washer-investment when listing. "New Washer" always looks good on paper.

  5. my dishwasher is about to crap out and we're about to move out, hope it lasts long enough to sell this place

  6. As long as it doesn't eat up too much, I think a unified feel would be better.

  7. Save on a dishwasher by not getting one ;p

  8. Man i am in the market for a dishwasher right now. good read!

  9. I would get the one that makes the matches your fridge :p

  10. look at your budget and see what's more important

  11. I'd match the fridge for sure. You're probably going to be there for a while

  12. I say go for it, just be sure it does match your kitchen before you buy it as the handles might seem similar but may not match when put next to each other.

  13. Post pictures of the GE model you are thinking about buying!

  14. great i need a new one as well

  15. heh nice ^^

  16. interesting

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