Do I really need to scrape the paint?

by Joe Somebody on Monday, March 14, 2011

Scraping the wall was a mistake. I started with a half dollar size chipped area to a 3x2 foot area of scrapped paint. I should have just spackeled the area and called it done. Now I have a much larger area. What made me think about this was just how smooth the wall was. I was going to created a lot of unevenness that I would have to go back and fix. So this made me stop. I am just going to fix the area I did and wash the walls and get them ready for paint.

The material that was purchased for this part of the job can all be reused. Even the plastic. I purchased the 6mm plastic. Much easier to move around and repurpose later on.

Im going to go home and measure all my walls. Sherwin Williams will be able to tell me how much paint I need. I know they are more expensive than if I went to Homedepot or Lowes but I like the fact they keep your color choices on record, including any custom colors you come up with. Then they can mix you a small batch when ever you want and it will always match.

Im going to head back out to Sherwin Williams tomorrow as I will be measuring tonight when I get home and they will surley close before I am done.

Ive chosen to do the main dining room in Latte but two shades lighter. It gives off a very warm and bright tone. I think that will make the room feel much bigger. Im going to keep all the trim and ceiling white. I was given the suggestion of paiinting the ceiling first. I may just do that if I can get a sprayer from a friend. This may alter some of my plans.


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  1. dang that sucks man

  2. so, how can you tell if your wall really needs to be scraped?

  3. Ask yourself this: How old is the house? If it's from the 70's or earlier, the answer is yes. There could be lead paint somewhere in all those layers. As the paint deteriorates, the lead lakes off and could become airborne. BIIG problems can come from that.

    When in doubt, ask the pros. Just keep in mind what I said about the lead. :/

  4. too bad!

  5. Aww, bad

  6. sounds like an good idea

  7. Nice colour for the dining room. Very appropriate i like it =]

  8. i hate it when this happens. I have a massive scrap on my wall behind me...goodbye deposit

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