Need to get wood rot repaired

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When I purchase the home, I went in knowing that it had some cosmetic issues. Namely some wood rot on the outside of the house. One particular area is the patio. where the over head wood connects to the house, they did not leave a gap for rain so pass through. So what happens is that the water ends up making a puddle. Standing water is really bad when it comes to wood.

I feel this area may be kind of expensive. I'm hoping it won't be as this part of the remodel will be out of pocket.

The second relativly bad area is by where the utilies come into the house. The siding panels have started to rot away. This is by far the easiest section to fix.

I really like the fact the house does not have vinyl siding. I just hate the way it looks. It reminds me of the 80's. Its not timeless like other types of siding. Look at tudor style siding. Its been around for hundreds of years. It still looks great even today. Rant off.


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  1. i am with you vinyl sidings suck

    i hope the remodeling of the patio wont be to expensive

  2. there is no better feeling, than the feeling of fixing your own house!

  3. What a pain. I'd hate to have all that work after buying the house.

  4. Will probably be expensive to get the patio done :(

  5. nice informative blog, i look forward to learning from you on how to go about repairing a home. :)

  6. I rent :3

  7. Yuck, wood rot, good luck with that. It's not really a cheap fix.

  8. That's not really too bad, although it is pretty crusty above that window frame.

  9. I hate those vinyl panels too, they suck!
    watch out for the splinters! e__e

  10. Vinyl sucks and although it looks bad, it can be completed a lot cheaper if you do it then hire. It might not be too bad underneath but it could also be a lot worse. I hope it isn't too bad and fixable within reason.

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