Slow as a turtle

by Joe Somebody on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I finally worked out with A.B. May on who will be installing my dishwasher. They at first told me that Nebraska Furniture Mart was going to install it and I would have to pay their fee and they would reimburse me. I felt that was to much of a pain. I paid them $60 USD and all they have done was give me a $90 USD credit to NFM. So they are basically out $30 USD. I really don't feel like I'm coming out a head here. After speaking with them I finally got them to install my dishwasher for free as this was covered by the first $60 USD fee.

The part that I felt unfair about is that I had to climb the food chain to get this answer. Everyone before hand was telling me that it was an extra fee for them to install it since I purchased the dishwasher from someone else. Sure one person can make a mistake but I got the same answer from two different people before I spoke with someone in management. Mangement was very clear that the install was included with the first fee and that I will not be charged an additional fee. If it wasn't for the fact that I am stuborn when it comes to money, they would have got another $60 USD from me. Some how I bet that is how their system works. Its just a racket to make more money.

I have zero plans to renew this home warranty. A.B. May is a scam. This is a clear example that gives insurance companies a bad name. They are not playing fair. They are 100% for the system. Know your rights as a homeowner. Read the fine print. Make sure you are not getting screwed by them or any other company for that matter. They will all try to make a buck off you.


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  1. I work for a senior assistance agency, and see this with medicare and insurance all the time. They "oops" bill a client, and hope they pay. If you call to inquire, they tell you it's an oops, and just to throw it away.

    I wonder how much oops-money they get...

  2. good of you not too budge.

    true, this is why insurance is such a pain. :(

  3. You are spot on, the fine print will screw you.

  4. i would call em scammers

  5. Unfortunately, customer service these days seems to only get things done if you demand climbing the escalation ladder. It's a shame, because even the people who are "understanding" and won't be demanding with support, will just get taken advantage of and their issue will get brushed aside.

    Glad to hear you got the install fee waived though.

  6. mac-and-me is right, they are scammmers !

  7. If you think it's a scam, stay away!

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