Man of Steel eat your heart out

Filed Under ( , , ) by Joe Somebody on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My new Samsung RF266AERS Refrigerator is amazing. It has so much room. My apartment fridge was
pretty much maxed out. It feels like this thing has twice the amound of room. Plus not having to bend over to see what I want is trully a blessing. I dont keep very many freezer items. Mostly chicken, beef, and frozen fruits.

I had the urge to go out and try and stock it full of stuff. Then I remembered something. When I moved into my first apartment, I did jus that. I went out and bought everything I could think of. It was great. I had everything at my finger tips. Fast forward 2 months later. Half the stuff I bought gets thrown away do to it expiring. Never again I said. Its best to buy for 1 week in advance. If you can shop every 3 days, I would recommend that. You can buy less overall and save that way. Plus you get the advantage of eating fresher food.

The only thing I plan on stocking up on is chicken and goat. Yes I said Goat. If you have not tried it, you must go and find some. I had to search far and wide for it. The only place I know of is a local indian grocery. Goat is amazing. Its easily one of the best meats you can eat. Goat meat is 50%-65% lower in fat than similarly prepared beef, but has a similar protein content. The US department of Agriculture also has reported that saturated fat in cooked goat meat is 40% less than that of chicken, even with the skin removed. Sounds like the perfect meat to me.

The taste is very similar to beef, just not as strong. Texture is more lamb like. Taste is wonderful. Thats my speal on goat. Back to the kitchen.

The fridge is pretty big for my kitchen. I think when I go to renovate, I will recess it in the wall. This will free up valuable walking space and make the fridge cabinet depth without loosing capacity. The kitchen wall is backups to the garage so it shouldnt be an issue recessing it. This will make a bump in the garage but who cares. Its a garage. The kitchen and bathroom will sell this house. The two car garage is only a bonus. I dont plan to do anything with the kitchen for at least a year. Everything now will just be planning.


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  1. Sounds great. You should take some pictures of the inside, I'm interested to see the layout.

  2. I think a need a new fridge, mine is just packed with food.

  3. Ah yes, the "full fridge" syndrome.

    Goat meat? Really? Hmm...ok, I might just have to check that out. Shouldn't be too hard around here.

  4. A new fringe is an essential change in a house. You can tell the difference if you are used to an old one. Nice move!

  5. I've never had goat, but I've eaten a lot of gyros with lamb meat. I don't think I could even find goat meat around here.

  6. Glad you enjoy your new fridge. I'll also be sure to try goat someday. I've tried rabbit and it tastes just like chicken.

  7. omg this is crazy

  8. Hmm...I wonder if you can work in an epic meal time-style meal, based around goat? goat with TONS of bacon. mmmmm

  9. my fridge is held together with duct tape.

  10. Hey, sounds like you love your new fridge. I am proud of you and I love the pics of your place and can't wait to see it when I get home. Good Luck J with the new pad.

  11. Goat meat is so good, when I used to live in Mexico I had the misfortune of seeing one get slaughtered then skinned. It's meat, however, was delicious.

    Simply delicious.

  12. can you make some pics of it? i need a new refrigerator aswell

  13. Haha i had an ostrich burger once i was expecting it to be like chicken but it was a fuckin' huge chunk of red meat in a bun. Was pretty nice, leaner version of beef basically with a slightly more reserved taste.

  14. I don't own my fridge. Luckily, ever house I've lived in came with one.

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