Remodeling my Hollywood Bathroom (Jack N Jill Bathrooms)

Filed Under ( , , ) by Joe Somebody on Saturday, March 5, 2011

My home is a 2 bedroom and a 1 and a half bath. The way the bathrooms are connected it is considered a Hollywood Bathroom. What this means at that they both share the same shower. The shower is in its own room that is connected between the bathrooms.

The spare bathroom has a single vanity, average mirror, and a toilet. The master bathroom has a larger vanity, extra large mirror, medicine cabinet mirror, and a toilet. Both bathrooms are missing cabinetry and/or shelves for towels. In between these two bathrooms are the shower and tub.

Now that you can see what I have to work with, this is what I plan to do. I want to totally gut the shower room. Loose the tub completly. Im 28 years old and I havnt took an actual bath 20+ years. I see no reason to have a tub. I want a full blown shower with multiple heads.

Have two main shower heads on oppisite walls. Then place a giant rain fall shower head about overhead center. This will either need two drains or a larger one in the center of the room. No matter what I choose, I do not want to have standing water. That would be the death of the shower. I am thinking of installing heat lamps in the ceiling as well. That will all depend on the cost. If its relativly cheap, then I think it would be a good idea. Else it will get scrapped.

Im reading up on shower heads. Looks like Moen and Delta make the best. They are costly to boot. I have always been a big fan of Delta faucets. They always just work. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty. Once I get close on this project I will investigate different shower heads and faucets and post my findings.

This remodel wont happen for a while. Just making sure that I get everything documented before hand. That way I have something to look back on.


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  1. Sounds like you've got a big task ahead of you, hope it all works out and comes in on budget!

  2. "Im 28 years old and I havnt took an actual bath 20+ years"

    So that's what that smell is...

  3. Godspeed to you, man. My parents had to get our shower replaced because it was leaking into the walls.

  4. Looks like quiet the project, good luck. Messing with water and piping can always be tricky. That said, I took a shower once, when I was in college. I took a case of beer in there after exams and just chilled out, letting empty beer cans float around, it was kinda fun.

  5. If you're for sure not going to have a tub, just go nuts and make the whole room a shower. Put a drain in the middle, tile the whole thing, put a big fancy shower head in the middle and voila: instant prison shower. Just don't drop the soap.

    I ended up in a handicapped hotel room recently with a similar setup. Really pretty cool.


  6. @Joe A- Thats actually the plan. It will have two shower on opposite sides and a large one in the center.

  7. Looks cool. I see what you mean now. I thought the bathtub was halfway in one room and halfway in the other. But this make much more sense.

  8. Ha yes! I remember posting on here that I wanted a waterfall like shower with shower heads in the ceiling and have the wall vertically!

    Good choice! You have to be careful with the water usage though...

    Well you DON'T have to, but I would.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished product!

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