My IMAX Home Theater

Filed Under ( , , , ) by Joe Somebody on Thursday, March 3, 2011

I will never have true IMAX video. Thats not my goal. I just want the audio experience. Its just not cost effective in video. Now 1080P is very doable. The cost of HDTV has done down remendously over the past couple years. Even the HD projectors are becoming consumer friendly. You can get an HD projector for as little as $400 USD. That gives you 720P and 1080I. Thats really impressive. Plus they are now introducing LED projectors. The bulb in those are suppose to last from 10-20
years. Compared to a couple thousand hours you get out of the regular lamps that also cost $150-450 USD a pop. LED sounds very promising.

Right now they do not have the lumens (brightness) that you would find in a regular lamp. A couple prosumer LED projectors do exist that have very high lumens. The catch is that they are very expensive. I figure in about a year or two they will have come down in price just like blueray did.

Im thinking I will post pone the video portion of the IMAX project. I can purchase something cheap for now. I want my current Samsung HDTV to be in my room so I dont have to go downstairs to watch TV or play my PS3.

Here are a couple pictures of the base end of my system. Keep in mind that each box weighs over 200 pounds and each speaker adds another 39 each. They are a pain to move up and down stairs. The design is considered a cylinder in a square. This is IMAX or even club quality base.


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  1. Those speakers are huge!

  2. looks powerful, wish I had one of these...

  3. How much did everything cost?

  4. Man, that's heavy. But sounds like a good value for money, bargain to me

  5. awesome!

  6. pretty awesome!

  7. wooow , awesome ^^

  8. Holy shit, why do you need speakers that big!?

  9. wow that looks awesome!

  10. Wish I had something like that!

  11. i don't think i need a imax surround sound theater haha. i like my tv just fiiine

  12. Are you compensating for something?


  13. Woah, that looks awesome. Also I can't believe how cheap HD projectors are now, that's insane.

  14. I got an HD projector once and it didn't work out so great. Speakers look huge though...

  15. Holy crap, I can already feel the vibrations from the explosions when you watch Transformers on those things!

  16. Sounds like it will be awesome. Good work!

  17. Wow, those look really nice!

  18. Richie rich would have those speakers

  19. Whoah those look awesome

  20. that looks insane!!

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