Life will always get in the way

by Joe Somebody on Saturday, March 12, 2011

Now matter how well made my plans are, life always finds a way to intervene. I was unable to get to the wall that I wish to scrape. I did purchase the tools I need to do the job. Some kudos are deserved.

Outside of daily life, I did forget to purchase the plastic drop cloth for the floor. I thought I had a bunch of old sheets that I could use. I was sadly mistaken. I will have to pick this up tomorrow. I don't want to postpone this much longer. I really need to get painting. Once I get the paint up I think I will finally have my first house warming. Not to worried about furniture. I dnt mind if people stand. Laugh.

Hopefully people will bring stuff. I know I need a lot of small things. A simple paper towel dispenser for the kitchen would make my day.


2 Responses to “Life will always get in the way”

  1. I will give you a virtual bottle of wine. Will that work?

    Sorry for the hangups. Things will get rolling soon, and that house will quickly become a home.

  2. good progress. :)

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