My first Utilitie bill

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I received my Gas Utilitie bill in my email today. Yes I am paperless. Saves the enviroment and id rather read an email then open up mail, just to throw it away since it will be paid online.

This will probably be the lowest Gas bill I ever receive. It is for $18.00 USD. This is only for 5 days of usage. Sounds really expensive.

I'll break the price down:

$6 Cost of Gase
$5 to start new service
$2 Service Charge
$3 Delivery Charge
$2 Taxes

Now in theory all should stay the same except for cost of gas and taxes. Those should be the only ones that increase. This being my first bill from a gas company, I could be wrong. I know my electic bill from my old apartment, all the fees stayed relativly the same. Only the usage and tax fluctuated. Wont know for sure until my next bill. I could call them but from my bad experiencing just starting service. I'd rather not call.

I did go through their website though. They had some interesting ideas for making you home more gas effieciant. One of the key items that I liked was adding a ceiling fan to rooms. A room that has a standing tempature of 80 defrees. A ceiling fan moving the air causes a wind chill effect. This will make the room feel like its 72 degrees. This allows you to run the thermostat at a higher temperature and you get gas savings. Of course this will increase your electrical bill but electrical cost far less than gas.

So I may be investing in a ceiling fan soon. They are not that expensive and give any room a nice look. Plus who doesnt like a fan above their bed while they sleep.


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  1. gas prices are exploding here ;_;

  2. Thats really cheap!

  3. I guess that better then paying $80 CDN for full tank.

  4. heh nice ^^ and thanks for tips

  5. damn man, money money money

  6. Huh, I wonder what they mean with "delivery charge". Did someone come drop the gas off or something? Maybe it's for maintaining their pipelines, I guess.

    Good idea to get a ceiling fan. Most of them are reversible, so you can have it feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  7. Yeah, I don't even want to get in to gas prices.

    A ceiling fan *IS* worth the investment. The power requirements for those things these days is quite minimal, and are often very easy to install.

  8. Jeez, that much for 5 days? That's one more thing to dread looking forward to.

  9. Hey an $18 bill, cherish it because it will be the cheapest bill you'll ever have haha.

  10. The bill will be worse in a month, probably. My parent's gas bill went higher in a month, but that's most likely because of new management.

  11. Does it have to be a ceiling fan? Or does any fan suffice?

  12. That's the cheapest bill for utilities I've ever seen, even in winter. I'm jealous!

  13. that is way too expensive, I buy a $20 gas canister here in mexico and it lasts about 2-3 months

  14. The information about the ceiling fans was useful. Probably going to end up putting ceiling fans in every room possible when I purchase a house.

  15. my last bill was 200 grand, lol

  16. To start new service, will you have those costs forever? Are you a new customer forever? Haha :)

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