Scraping a 15 foot wall

by Joe Somebody on Friday, March 11, 2011

In order for me to get ready for paint, I have chosen to scrape the second highest wall in the house. It has been painted so many times, that the paint chips are actually 2-3mm thick. Luckily for me it flakes off fairly easy with a scraper. I will be wearing a hepa filter mask, since its possible for the paint to have lead in it do to the age of the home. Hopefully I don't get sick from it.

Once I get the wall scraped, I will give all the walls a nice sponge bath to make sure the surface is ready for paint.

When getting ready to paint, here are some great steps you want to take.

1. Take the time ti fill in any gaps and fixed any holes. Its a waste of time to paint if you are not going to take the time to do this.

2. Lay down drop cloths. More the better.

3. Put on throw away clothes. Its that simple.

4. Give the walls a quick rinse with a sponge and vinegar water. This will get rid of any residue and oils off the walls. This will assure that you have a good bond between the paint and the wall.

5. Paint all your trim. Try not to be messy but don't worry if you go over the trim line.

6. Tape all edges that you will be painting. This will make clean up easier and igve you those nice professional edges. This is also the make it or break it stage. The more time you spend taping, the better the finished job will look.

7. Apply the paint in even coats. Don't use to much or two little paint. If it drips. Its to much. If you can see through it or the color is not consistent, then you dont have enough.

8. Let the walls air dry the proper amount of time. Go with what the directions say on the paint. After drying, then apply your second coat. Some paints dont require a second coat. Refer to your specific paint.

9. Make any needed touch ups.

10. Tear off all the tape. And remove the drop cloths.

Now if you are lucky, it will look beautiful. Thats what I am hoping for it. I will take pictures once I have it all painted.


8 Responses to “Scraping a 15 foot wall”

  1. great advice. looking forward to your pics. :)

  2. I just moved 6 months ago, and I remember this nightmare. So good when it's over, but the process is a pain.

    Before/during/after shots are fun. Can't wait to see the end result!

  3. these are some great tips.. i must apply them. thanks!

  4. I'll come back to your blog if I need something similar. Thanks for sharing though

  5. great tips

  6. Good luck!

  7. You're so busy I don't know where you find the time! =P

  8. Good luck, hopefully your walls are not the textured type. Makes for a pain to cover. At least when I did the walls here.

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