What are the top credit cards?

by Joe Somebody on Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There is no one answer that covers everyone. For example a capital 1 credit card is great because you can setup your online banking with them. Basically handle all your finances in one place. Capital One even has some 0 percent interest credit cards. It wont stay that way forever but its nice to have in the beggining.

Another good answer would be a Mint credit card. Some of you may have never heard of them. They are a smaller company credit card company. Infact they limit the number of customers they allow to join. This is by far one of the best private companies I have ever seen. They are solvent and are not going anywhere. Best of luck trying to get a card though. You have to have amazing credit to get one.

Now you may be thinking, why? You just got out of debt. Im not looking at going back into debt. I just want to do what I can to build my credit score. Having a high credit score reduces a lot of things for me. My insurance on both my car and home will go down. Jobs can now look at your credit scores and base a decision from them. Im not looking to over extend myself in any way. I just want to reap the bennefits of a good credit score.

I spent a number of years paying off my credit cards. I only have two now. I only keep them for my credit rating. Having a credit card is very handy for a non pay week. You must also take care of them though or they will bite you in the ass. They can easily spiral out of control if you do not make choice decisions. The best thing you can do is pay them in full every month. I repeat every month. Not only does this look huge on your credit report but it also keeps you from ever paying interest. Some of them even give you bonuses for paying early. So thats more incentive to keep them payed off.

The two cards I have are both store cards. I plan on getting two more. One that gives cash back that I will use on everyday things and the other will be my heloc card which will be used on home renovations. Im leaning towards a cap one credit card. The Cash Reward card gives 2% back on gas and grocery store and 1% back on all other purchases. It doesnt have an annual fee which is also nice. I know Discovery has a card that gives 5% no matter what you purchase but it needs a high credit score. The cap one also needs a high score. I still need to build mine up. This wont be an issue having a mortgage. A mortgage is the fastest way to raise your credit score. Its even faster at lowering your credit score if you miss a payment. So be very careful with it.

No matter what you choose. You must be smart about it. Dont miss a payment. Dont over extend yourself. Dont be stupid. Its pretty simple.


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  1. Yeah some people get into problems when they misuse credit cards, I don't have one myself, no need at the moment.

  2. I have tried living my life without a credit card. It's too much a of a risk for me I feel like.

  3. i use visa for years now

  4. Paypal, works for me ;)

  5. Once my card is paid off I'm gonna keep it only for real emergencies.

  6. haven't used my credit card for months, works for me. :)

  7. MBNA's Smart Cash is the bomb. If you in USA, go with Chase credit cards. I'll be checking back soon! alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  8. I hate credit cards, I like to pay what I buy right now, don't like nasty surprises.

  9. Paypal is not the most scure but a very fast alternative to credit cards!

  10. I had no idea there was so much to it.. I've never had a credit card but sure would like one.

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